Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brooke's Monograms

Bernadette's Monograms

Bernadette is doing black and white with a touch of red. She wanted a script font and this is what I came up with:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!! I hope everyone had a great day and is stuffed from all the turkey!

Health Update- I am out of the hosiptal and back on my feet! I ended up staying two extra days due to a couple complications but I am all good now!!

I have a Jennifers invites to finish and mail out and I have the remainder of my free monograms to do (about 10!). All will be done by Sunday night!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Heather's Etsy Map

This map is done in her special color (Heather sent me the RGB colors to match her invites). She is DIY all of her invites and asked me to do her map! I can now add Lansing, MI to my list of places travelled making maps!!!

Surgery Tomorrow!

I am meeting the anthesiologist in an hour and kinda freaking out!! I have had surgery before no problem, not even nervous about it. This time is different because it's my heart!!! I did watch this video on . It makes it look so easy! I am thinking positive thoughts!! Wish me luck tomorrow!!!

For those who haven't gotten their free monograms, they are getting put on hold until after my surgery. I have a custom map order that I have to get done before I get back to to the free monograms. Thanks for your patience!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Karin's Monograms

Here are the monograms that I made for Karin from my free monogram post! Her colors were sage green and dark brown! I love how these colors look together!

Panel Pockets- My Second Order!!

I am very excited to have gotten my second buyer to want panel pockets! I can thank Jennifer for my creation of the panel pocket. She ordered my panel invite sample from my etsy shop and when I went to get everything ready to mail it bothered me that the RSVP and directions insert had no where to go, I had extra cardstock and made a pocket on the back of the invite! It makes a really crisp invite that is easy for your guests to pick up and take all the info with them!

My surgery is tuesday but I will be on the computer and working on monograms, Jennifer's invites and custom maps while I am stuck in bed for 5 days!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Molly's Monograms

Molly had a Olive Branch/Olive Oil Theme so I wanted to incorporate that into her monograms! Her colors are sage green and chocolate! I played around with different fonts to create these monograms!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rainie's Panel Pocket Invite Sample

I absolutely loved how these came out! The sample will be out in the mail tomorrow and hopefully Rainie will love it as much as I do!!

The colors are: dark navy metallic backing layer, silver metallic middle layer, white metallic top layer and on the inserts.

"Thank you very much for the sample - We really liked it!!! The flourish design is very elegant and we love the pocket to hold the RSVP and Directions. I like the colors you chose for the cardstock. Also, the quality of the cardstock and envelopes is great! "- rdoll (etsy buyer)

Coghill Projects

I finally found my camera--- now pictures. These pictures are from my first few projects with Catherine! She has been amazing to work with and I absolutely loved her "sage" green! This is her welcome letter and label for her OOT bags!

Etsy Map Order

So the real colors of this are orange and yellow. I sent it as a PDF but when I went to change the save format to JPEG so I can upload it here it uploaded blue and teal! Still pretty colors but not the right ones!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Notification for the week of 11/24

I will be having heart procedure on 11/25. I will not be working on any projects until Monday 12/1.

In case your curious to know about the procedure it is a Catheter Abalation for Supraventricular Tachychardia. Pretty much they run a catheter from your artery in your leg to your heart and then burn the part of your heart that has the short circuit. Apparently I was born with it and have had doctors ignore it since I was little. When I was little I would pass out without any warning (big sign of the problem in kids), we always thought it was low blood sugar. Since highschool I have just had my heart race to the point where it hurts to breath and I can't move, doctors said I was having anxiety attacks and my favorite, mountaindewitis (too much caffine).

Luckily I went to see a cardiologist after a really bad episode where my heart raced to a point where you couldn't even count the pulse and it lasted for an hour (usually it would only last 10-15 minutes). We were able to catch an episode on this really cool little recording thing that you just press a button and hold it to your chest and it records your heart beat! Just from that we were able to know what was wrong! It is such a relief to actually have a doctor not ignore the problem!!!

Since I will be stuck in bed and not able to shop I will be working on the invites for Jennifer's wedding. I will be mailing those out after Thanksgiving!! If you do place orders over that week, I will be on my email (it gets sent to my iphone) so I will let you know how I am feeling whether it will get done that week or the next!

To Do's for the week of 11/17:

1) JKeefes Napkins (Napkins were backordered so I should have them monday! Coasters and Napkins in the mail on Tuesday!)

2) Finalize Etsy Map Order!

4) Panel Pocket Sample

3) Finish up last 12 free monogram requests- If you haven't gotten yours it is coming!!!

Elizabeth's Monograms

Emma's Monograms

Erica & Anthony's Monograms

I wanted to keep the fonts relatively close to her invites that I designed for her:

Jennifer and Raman's Monograms