Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carissa's Invites

Her invitations were done on a deep purple panel pocket with a Postcard RSVP card. Her colors are Gold, Purple and Light Green. The backing layer is light green and hte art deco font on the front is printed in gold. These were the invitations that Stella decided to help with!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Problems with working from home-Puppy

I left the room for no more than 10 minutes to check on how all the painting was going on the front rooms of the house. I put the remaining invites that I was working on, on top of her crate (which has become a new desk for me). I come back and I find Stella on the bed with 20 invite layers ripped up in front of her. For a split second I wanted to kill her since now I have to print out more, get them cut and then be behind schedule for a day. But I couldn't because of the face she was giving me:

Apparently she likes the taste of stardream paper.

How long until puppies stop teething?!?! I have lost 8 pairs of flip flops (granted she only eats my old navy ones not my Reefs or Rainbows), 1 pair of work flats, 1 wallet, 2 credit cards (actually a good thing, now I won't use them) and my laptop cord. Yet she won't eat anything of Tony's.... what gives!!

Corin's Boarding Pass Save the Dates

She chose to use BlueBell cardstock for the cover and sent me her monogram that Jessica at Jessica's Design Shop made for her. Check out her shop for great monogram designs. We also used her monogram on her magnets (not pictured) that I printed for her. She had two boarding passes to hold all of the information she needed to provide to her guests. Along with computer calligraphy for her mailing addresses.