Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Allison's Invitations

Here is the start of her invitations. I have already sent her a sample with a different flourish. But I have fallen in love with this flourish!

Zazzle Mailing Sticker

I can customize one for you too, FREE!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Flourish Invite

This design can be customized for your wedding for only $30. We can change fonts, colors... anything!
I can also make and assemble the invites for you, including printing on the envelopes. Please email me for a quote.
I also have a ton of flourishes to use so if you have something in mind, I can easily send you a proof.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Save the Date Design

Here is a new modern save the date design I came up with. It is printed on a 4x6 card and mailed in an A6 envelope. Let me know if you would like me to make this for you!! I can easily give you a quote for the complete package.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Invite Order Updates.

First- Mail out the 10 blank envelopes to Mena that I found in my printer! I counted over 130 so she has all that she ordered but I meant to put extras in I just thought they had all printed!! They will be in the mail tomorrow!

1. Cousin's Invites- The bride and groom decided on option number 2 for the invite. They also decided to have inner and outer envelopes. This will be my first time doing liners (I bought them already made from envelopperinc.com). I can't wait for these to be done and out the door. They are going to look so pretty!

2. Rainie Invites- Deposit paid, waiting on more information to finalize proof and start making her 130 panel pocket invitations!

3. Dizzzlle Invites- Deposit paid, waiting on more information to finalize proof and start making her 125 pocketfold invitations. Also since my computer decided to save her file in some random place that I cannot find, I am waiting on a picture to recreate the sample I made for her!!

So far 9 out of 10 samples out has turned into a deposit and invitation order!! Thank you girls for loving the samples and getting invitations through me!!!

Cassie's Invitations Update

So here are the images for my cousins invites. We are finalizing them today and then I will start printing and assemblying in January.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Place Cards

So of course because I design stuff, my family recruits me for some christmas stuff. Here is the png of the place cards that i am making. They are going on a red background.

Specials and Notices for 2009

Monogram Specials:
1. Buy 5 stock monograms recieve a 6th free ($15)
2. Buy 2 custom monogram receive a 3rd free ($15)

Invitation Specials (Until Valentines Day)-Only your deposit has to be in by Valentines day to receive the special rate.
1. 15% off all orders of 100 invites or more
2. 10% off all orders between 50-100 invites

NOTICE-Shipping rates regarding Invitations
It will cost between 10-30 to ship your invites Priority mail depending on your quantity and the size box needed.
-- 130 pocketfold invites required two flat rate LARGE boxes (30 to ship)
-- 75 panel pocket invites required one flate rate LARGE box (15 to ship)

If your order is small, the small flat rate box is $10.

New in 2009- Labels
-Round, Square, Mailing, you name it we can make it. Prices are:
5.00 per sheet (for all sheets with 20 or more labels per sheet)
3.50 per sheet (for all sheets with 19 or less labels per sheet)

-We will also set up a listing for you on zazzle, free of charge, just email us at designsbytine@gmail.com

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to all my readers!! Just to let you know my schedule... I will not be returning to doing work until January 5th. You can put your orders in on etsy, or email me and I can send you a paypal bill that monday.

Thank you for all my customers for an amazing year! I have been fortunate to work with some amazing brides (and grooms!). I hope everyone the best in the new year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lindann & Neil's Map

I luckily got to work with both the bride and the groom on this map! I love how it all turned out!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

US Postal Service and Paypal

I am beyond furious right now. I was crying but now I am just angry. I sent three boxes out this week for invite orders. I get home today from christmas shopping and one of Mena's boxes is sitting on my porch with the request for 3.15 cents more to pay. I go to the post office and stand in line for 45 minutes to find out that there are two different pay grades for shipping flat rate boxes (large and small). But Paypal only has one option (FLAT RATE BOX), it doesn't distinguish through large or small. The best part is that the other two boxes may just turn up on my porch monday or tuesday and then have to get resent. They don't have the capabalities of finding exactly where the box is. I calmly ask what the hell the tracking number is for, and they say it is just so they know when things are mailed and delivered nothing in between.

I contact Paypal and after being on hold over over an 1 hr, they say that is what they received from USPS and they can do nothing about it. She said that yes it is incorrect and that she would send it to a higher person to get it changed ont their website.

Let me ask you, how the hell are you supposed to know if it is for the small flat rate box or the large flat rate box:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lead Time for Projects

Custom Map- 2 business days
Invitations- 10-15 business days
Digital Invitation File- 2 business days
Monograms- 2-3 business days
Printing Envelopes- 5 business days (from receiving supplies)
Digital Design for anything- 2-3 business days
Tags/Stickers Assembly- 5 business days

All times are from final payment!

To Do's:

Since my two invite orders are in the mail, I am finally going to update my website: www.designsbytine.com with all my stock monograms, a few new digital invite samples, and Flourish and Font Options for Custom Monograms and Invites. I just bought over 100 of new ones so I am ready to test them out!

I will also be adding envelope printing to my list of prices. I offer it now to people who I make their invites for but I will am opening it up to everyone!

If you need any designing, printing or assemblying done, please email me at designsbytine@gmail.com

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jennifer's Panel Pocket Invites

Jennifer was the one who ordered a panel pocket sample. When I went to make her sample, it bothered me that the directions card and RSVP card were just floating around.... so came the panel pocket!!

I have just finished her order and it is in the mail today. Here are a couple pictures. Once again it is taken with my iPhone, so it's not the best quality!!

Zazzle Stamp

Here is the stamp:

Zazzle Postcard and Stamp Design

Here is the moving post card I have made for Mom!

I also made her a stamp design but zazzle won't let me post it yet!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on Projects due 12/15:

I have two invitation orders that have to go out by monday!

1. Jennifer's 75 Panel Pockets, plus her samples of a CD Favor Holder, Program, Candy bag with stickers.
-Left to do: Print Address on RSVP Envelopes, adhere last 15 invites... then DONE!!

2. Mena's 130 Pocketfold invites.
-Left to do: Cut, Cut and Cut!! and adhere invites to backing! Print Return addresses, Print Mailing Addresses...then Done!!!

3. My last three monogram requests... sorry guys if you haven't got them yet, I have been swamped and paid orders come before free!! But I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Also if you would like anything designed on zazzle, I do it for free!! Just let me know what you want and I will set it up and send you the link!!! Also any of you that got free monograms, I can put it on a sticker for you for free and you just order the stickers through them! They have amazing quality!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My first zazzle creation is for Jennifer. I am in the process of making her invites at the moment but she also wanted candy bar bags with stickers, CD Favor Holders and Programs. Samples of the candy bar bags with stickers, Favor Holders and Programs are all going to be sent with her invite order that is going to go out on Monday. I will post pictures of the final invite product and the samples, when I am all done!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Was Featured!!!!

I am so excited that Bree featured me on her wedding planners blog! I made Bree custom printed napkins back a couple months ago. Her idea was to put 4 fun facts on the napkins. We did four colors that matched her wedding. Between her napkins and Jessica Lynn's napkins, it's a toss up for which one is my favorite!

Check it out: http://www.pearlseventsblog.com/2008/12/brees-etsy-series-design-by-tine.html

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Theresa's Map

Here is the custom map made for Theresa on Etsy. This is my first foreign map made!!!
"Excellent map! Thanks so much! It was done super-quick, super-professionally, and I could get something really cool done for my wedding without breaking the bank! Thanks!"-Theresa on Etsy

Friday, December 5, 2008

Catherine's Review

One of my favorite brides to work with has left me the most amazing review on Wedding Wire.

There are NOT enough stars to rank the FABULOUS service I received from Christine of Designs by Tine...my ONLY regret is NOT finding her in the beginning of my wedding planning process. She would have saved me so much time and money!!Christine did many elements for my wedding reception and out-of-town welcome bags. She was AWESOME in every regard...her responsiveness, her creativity and the great QUALITY of her work exceeded all my expectations!! Plus, the value for the items I received were great. I cannot tell you how many of our guests commented on all the elements that Christine produced.Christine is a MUST have for ANY bride planning her wedding!!! I cannot say enough great things about this vendor...she is a SHINING star!!! - Catherine

It has been an honor to work wtih Catherine. We started communication in September and were working on projects all the way up to the week of her wedding. I can't wait to see her pictures! I am going to miss the daily emails from her with a new project!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congrats Erica!

Erica sent out her invites this week! I just did the design and they did all the hardwork!!! I am so happy with how the final product looks! Erica and Anthony did an amazing job!! She also used one of her free monograms for the closure of the pocket!

Amazing job Erica and Anthony! Less than two months for you too! Congrats!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Alex's Monograms

Kate's Napkins

I love this picture her photographer got at her wedding. Even though I am no longer making napkins, I am still going to post it
This photo is from Wilson Photography

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brooke's Monograms

Bernadette's Monograms

Bernadette is doing black and white with a touch of red. She wanted a script font and this is what I came up with:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!! I hope everyone had a great day and is stuffed from all the turkey!

Health Update- I am out of the hosiptal and back on my feet! I ended up staying two extra days due to a couple complications but I am all good now!!

I have a Jennifers invites to finish and mail out and I have the remainder of my free monograms to do (about 10!). All will be done by Sunday night!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Heather's Etsy Map

This map is done in her special color (Heather sent me the RGB colors to match her invites). She is DIY all of her invites and asked me to do her map! I can now add Lansing, MI to my list of places travelled making maps!!!

Surgery Tomorrow!

I am meeting the anthesiologist in an hour and kinda freaking out!! I have had surgery before no problem, not even nervous about it. This time is different because it's my heart!!! I did watch this video on http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/ablation/ablation_all.html . It makes it look so easy! I am thinking positive thoughts!! Wish me luck tomorrow!!!

For those who haven't gotten their free monograms, they are getting put on hold until after my surgery. I have a custom map order that I have to get done before I get back to to the free monograms. Thanks for your patience!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Karin's Monograms

Here are the monograms that I made for Karin from my free monogram post! Her colors were sage green and dark brown! I love how these colors look together!