Sunday, November 16, 2008

Notification for the week of 11/24

I will be having heart procedure on 11/25. I will not be working on any projects until Monday 12/1.

In case your curious to know about the procedure it is a Catheter Abalation for Supraventricular Tachychardia. Pretty much they run a catheter from your artery in your leg to your heart and then burn the part of your heart that has the short circuit. Apparently I was born with it and have had doctors ignore it since I was little. When I was little I would pass out without any warning (big sign of the problem in kids), we always thought it was low blood sugar. Since highschool I have just had my heart race to the point where it hurts to breath and I can't move, doctors said I was having anxiety attacks and my favorite, mountaindewitis (too much caffine).

Luckily I went to see a cardiologist after a really bad episode where my heart raced to a point where you couldn't even count the pulse and it lasted for an hour (usually it would only last 10-15 minutes). We were able to catch an episode on this really cool little recording thing that you just press a button and hold it to your chest and it records your heart beat! Just from that we were able to know what was wrong! It is such a relief to actually have a doctor not ignore the problem!!!

Since I will be stuck in bed and not able to shop I will be working on the invites for Jennifer's wedding. I will be mailing those out after Thanksgiving!! If you do place orders over that week, I will be on my email (it gets sent to my iphone) so I will let you know how I am feeling whether it will get done that week or the next!

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