Thursday, May 28, 2009

Personalized Tanks/Tops/Sweatshirts- Zig Zag Sports

Debbie at Zig Zag Sports in Burlingame does all types of shirts and tanks to fit any budget. She does vinyl, embroidery, screen printing and transfer printing. Her motto is "No job is too small". I went through her to do my cousin's bachelorette tanks, I did the design and then she did all the printing.

Here is what the backs looked like.

Here are some more examples of her work that she did for Rachel for her friend Erin's wedding.

The Brides:

Thanks Rachel for the pictures!

Both examples above where done with vinyl. It is a cheaper alternative to screen printing and the color stays truer longer. She has tons of colors to choose from including glitter ones.
For prices or to order please contact Debbie at You can always email me and I can send it along.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Sixteen Designs

Jaimie has contacted me to do a friends Sweet Sixteen Birthday Luau invite. I will be printed Jaime's invites for her later in the summer, she is designing them herself. Personally the middle one is my favorite!!

Alison's Boarding Pass

This is the first proof I came up for her. I wanted to play around with some new fonts that I have.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marriage Equality

I love reading Stinkerpants Design because of her true talent in creating something completely unique! She also has great business posts which help me in figuring out the next steps in my business.

A week or so ago I noticed she had a banner on her site regarding Equality. Living in California, I was sickened when Prop H8te passed. I couldn't believe how ignorant people could be. I know that there are people who do not believe in marriage equality for religious reasons, but that is not what the LBGT community is asking for. They are asking for the right to have a "legal" marriage, not a "religious" or "rite" of marriage, which is done by a church. As being someone who studied the law of this country, it angers me that there is not a real separation between church and state, which the drafters of the constitution asked for. Everyone has the right to practice the religion they choose, but they do not have the right to put their views out as the correct and only view. Right now their religious views are what is stopping the passage of gay marriage. The only argument that I have heard is the "bible" argument. Please give me another one and I will be happy to hear it.

We now have an African American man as President, why can't we see that the discrimination against communities needs to stop. There is not a superior race or a superior view, it is a melting pot. But everyone deserves the RIGHT to choose what they want to do. If they have religious qualms regarding gay marriage then they don't have to go in support of one. How can a man marrying a man, or a woman marrying a woman, hurt you so much to make it illegal?

Discriminating comes in many forms and the discrimination against the LBGT community is truly pitiful. For those getting married... how would you feel if someone told you that you couldn't marry that person that you love?

DISCLAIMER- I know that this may anger some people but I have stayed silent too long. I have nothing against God or the Bible, I just wish it was completely taken out of the secular government that we are supposed to have!

For those wanting the banner in support of the "right of marriage for all", you can contact

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shyla's Save the Date

Her save the dates are in Black and Navy Blue. She will also be printing and assembling them herself.

Shyla's Invite

Shyla contacted me for invitation and save the date designs. She is printing and assemblying herself. Her colors are deep purple, light purple and gold.

Stay Up North Vacation Rentals- Stickers

I have worked with their logo so that they can use stickers on a ton of different products that they have.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closed for Memorial Weekend!

Projects will resume on Tuesday. I will have limited email availability.

Enjoy your three day weekend!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Real Weddings- Jennifer- Continued

Jennifer's Monogram was a special monogram. It had her wedding date on one part and then her vow renewal also in there. It kept with her beach Cape Cod theme.
Jennifer made her own menus and kept wtih the same paper that we used on her invites. She incorporated the monogram at the top of the menu to complete the look!

My favorite aspect that she used the monogram for was her sand jar. She had it etched into it by an online company. We had to alter it a bit to make it work and it came out great.

Thanks for the pictures Jennifer!!

Real Weddings- Jennifer

Thank you Jennifer for sending these pictures! She was my first panel pocket invite and was a pleasure to work with. I also made her CD cases to complement the colors and designs.
For past brides, if you have photos of your invites or other products let me know, I will purchase the pictures for my portfolio!

Jennifer's Boarding Pass Save the Dates

Jennifer contacted me on Etsy to do her boarding pass save the dates. She is doing a tropical theme with bright colors. I love how the colors all pulled together.

Thanks, Jennifer!

Andrea's Wedding Map

This map was a fun one to do because I had to fit a lot of information in a small space, so I had to get creative. I also love the navy blue with apple green color which is popular this year! Thanks, Andrea!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Anna Marie's Save the Dates

This was my first job where I outsourced my printing. It came out amazing. I still printed all of the mailing addresses and return addresses. Her colors are Gold, Bronze (Chocolate Brown) and Eggplant. They were printed on Ivory metallic cardstock.

Birthday Invites

These invites are bubble gum pink and sherbert orange. Unfortunately I have lost my camera for the millionth time so I had to use my iPhone. Picture quality is horrible!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Stella - The Invite Puppy!

We picked up Stella on saturday and so far everything has been good. She is more comfortable around us so the chewing has started! She chewed up part of my mom's Mother's Day card so it is only a matter of time before she starts eating my stockpile of paper and envelopes! We are working on finding a safe place for them!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Wedding Invite Design

Here is the newest design. I have used it for a while just sending it in proofs but I finally decided to post it. When printed it would be printed on white metallic paper with a purple metallic backing layer (the purple border), this could be a pocket design or a non-pocket invite. All colors are changeable and I have 100s of fonts to use!

Please email me at if your interest in purchasing it!