Saturday, July 25, 2009

Problems with working from home-Puppy

I left the room for no more than 10 minutes to check on how all the painting was going on the front rooms of the house. I put the remaining invites that I was working on, on top of her crate (which has become a new desk for me). I come back and I find Stella on the bed with 20 invite layers ripped up in front of her. For a split second I wanted to kill her since now I have to print out more, get them cut and then be behind schedule for a day. But I couldn't because of the face she was giving me:

Apparently she likes the taste of stardream paper.

How long until puppies stop teething?!?! I have lost 8 pairs of flip flops (granted she only eats my old navy ones not my Reefs or Rainbows), 1 pair of work flats, 1 wallet, 2 credit cards (actually a good thing, now I won't use them) and my laptop cord. Yet she won't eat anything of Tony's.... what gives!!

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