Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Paper Products - {November 2010 Wedding}

These were done on folded dark red metallic cardstock, they were backed in the seashell cardstock and then the printed layers were done on white metallic linen paper. Designs kept with the damask symbol theme that was throughout the paper products.

*Our favorite touch was that we did movie names, my husband and I love movies. Since we met when we 21 we were limited to types of dates so we always went to the movies. Each table had a favorite movie title. Our bridesmaids sat at Wedding Crashers and our groomsmen sat at the Hangover. The rest of the tables were Ace Ventura, The Sandlot, Bull Durham, The Miracle, Full Metal Jacket, Days of Thunder, Ghostbusters, National Treasure, Out Cold, Couples Retreat, Caddyshack and For the Love of the Game. Each table number had our favorite quote on the back. You can see my Uncle reading the quote in one of the pictures.

Our Seating Chart was done like most, each individual was named with the Table they were at. One addition that I made to it was making a diagram of the tables. That way people knew which direction to walk to their table. I hate going to weddings where you have no idea where your table is even though it is numbered. It even showed the fireplace, bar and dance floor for directionality.

Our Programs almost mirror the design of the invitation, it had the bridal party, family, order of events, a thank you and then a note to the deceased. Luckily people actually read it and were very touched when they saw their significant others or family on the list.

Our invitations were done with three cardstocks, the beige layer was a seashell cardstock with a red metallic backing layer and then the printed layer was on white metallic paper or for the invite layer, letterpress paper. I chose to do letterpress for our invite layer because I have always loved letterpress and my justification to my mom who was paying for supplies was that I was saving her TONS of money by doing them myself, so she should upgrade the printing!

We did a cookie and brownie bar as a favor. My bridesmaid and I baked all the brownies and peanut butter cup cookies the Thursday before. (Sadly we missed the Giants World Series Parade to bake) My Nonno made his famous chocolate chip for me to give out. I also designed stickers that we put on the plastic bags.

{All Pictures by Lily Rose Photography:}

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