Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things to Do by Monday 2/2

Cassie's Invitations-
Finish Personalized RSVPs- Cut
Print Rehersal Dinner Invites (14)

Rainie's Invitations-(Due 2/10 at the latest)
Assemble Panel Pockets
Print Return address and RSVP address
Line Envelopes

DJ Thrash's Invitations-
Finalize Proof
Order Supplies

I will be doing ZERO work on Sunday. It is a Super Bowl Holiday for me!!

For the Month of February I will not be working on the weekends (2 weekends in Vegas and 1 in Lake Tahoe).
This will cause your orders to be finished closer to the 3 week mark, then the 2 week mark.

Before I leave for Vegas (Feb 7-9), Cassie's and Rainie's Invites will be out. When I get back DJ Thrash's Invites will be sent out.

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