Sunday, August 2, 2009

Janell's Wedding Invitations

Janell and her groom Mat wanted a different kind of invitation. We decided upon a Z fold or accordian invitation with a pocket. Here is the picture of her inspiration:

We are going to be doing everything in lilac, deep purple and deep blue. The cover and the back will both be a designed cardstock from envelopperinc and the middle accordian part will be sapphire blue. She will have three panels and then an insert and an RSVP in the pocket. They will all be tied together with a bow that will be able to slide off to open up the invite. The supplies all come in this coming week and I can't wait to get working on these and will post a picture of the final product.
Here is a picture of how the inside will look if you spread it all out. There will be the patterened cardstock on the front of the first panel and on the back of the pocket panel

I am so excited to actual start making these invitations. I will post pictures as soon as I have them done!!

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