Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on Projects due 12/15:

I have two invitation orders that have to go out by monday!

1. Jennifer's 75 Panel Pockets, plus her samples of a CD Favor Holder, Program, Candy bag with stickers.
-Left to do: Print Address on RSVP Envelopes, adhere last 15 invites... then DONE!!

2. Mena's 130 Pocketfold invites.
-Left to do: Cut, Cut and Cut!! and adhere invites to backing! Print Return addresses, Print Mailing Addresses...then Done!!!

3. My last three monogram requests... sorry guys if you haven't got them yet, I have been swamped and paid orders come before free!! But I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Also if you would like anything designed on zazzle, I do it for free!! Just let me know what you want and I will set it up and send you the link!!! Also any of you that got free monograms, I can put it on a sticker for you for free and you just order the stickers through them! They have amazing quality!!

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