Saturday, December 20, 2008

US Postal Service and Paypal

I am beyond furious right now. I was crying but now I am just angry. I sent three boxes out this week for invite orders. I get home today from christmas shopping and one of Mena's boxes is sitting on my porch with the request for 3.15 cents more to pay. I go to the post office and stand in line for 45 minutes to find out that there are two different pay grades for shipping flat rate boxes (large and small). But Paypal only has one option (FLAT RATE BOX), it doesn't distinguish through large or small. The best part is that the other two boxes may just turn up on my porch monday or tuesday and then have to get resent. They don't have the capabalities of finding exactly where the box is. I calmly ask what the hell the tracking number is for, and they say it is just so they know when things are mailed and delivered nothing in between.

I contact Paypal and after being on hold over over an 1 hr, they say that is what they received from USPS and they can do nothing about it. She said that yes it is incorrect and that she would send it to a higher person to get it changed ont their website.

Let me ask you, how the hell are you supposed to know if it is for the small flat rate box or the large flat rate box:

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